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34th Avenue, Jackson Heights

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22-block Open Street during COVID-19

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Jackson Heights
Open Space, Gathering Place


Sara Reinstein

 This 22 block strip has been closed down to cars to allow for more open space since the pandemic. It’s made a HUGE difference for me. This is a dense neighborhood with limited open space. I’ve been able to go out 3-5x a week for a run. This has kept me in pretty good shape, both physically and mentally. I used to spend hours at the gym, and now I can at least go for a run and feel pretty satisfied. Also, it is a very active Open Street. I see vendors, and kids, elders, and a huge mixture of activities. There has been an active volunteer network moving barricades, and lots of programming on the street. It’s wonderful and I hope this becomes permanent.

(added April 2021)


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