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East Harlem/El Barrio Block 1617

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Community spaces under threat of demolition from looming luxury development

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Harlem
Open Space, Recreation, Gathering Place

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Written by Bethany Herrmann, Glenn Bell, and Meisha Guild 

Block 1617 is located in East Harlem / El Barrio, on Park Avenue between East 112th and 111th Street. According to open data systems, of the 28 lots comprising this block, one contains a structure and the rest are vacant. In reality, the block is home to five community gardens and a baseball field, developed and maintained by the community on land cleared by the city and left for over fifty years.

A community has come together to create relevant spaces that provide agency and meaning. They have seized their right to the city by turning an abandoned lot into a site for recreation, food production, nature, socializing, and gathering.

This place matters because it is a symbol and site of reclamation, and it is threatened. Block 1617 is a community hub, a precious plot of open space slated for demolition...

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Further Reading:

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Glenn Bell, Meisha Guild, Bethany Herrmann

Because #theyarenotinvisible

Nominated through Dr. Marta Gutman’s Race, Space and Architecture course, Spitzer School of Architecture, City College, New York, Fall 2017

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