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Mazzola Bakery

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Carroll Gardens fixture since 1928

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Carroll Gardens
Commercial, Business and Industry, Food & Drink

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Lena Farley

Mazzola Bakery is a small and cozy bakery in Carroll Gardens that has been around since 1928. It is very much reflects the background of the neighborhood which used to be predominantly working-class Italian, but is now becoming gentrified. It is very much a community spot. It has been run by four consecutive generations and has never become a chain or more than a single spot, and is dearly loved by the neighborhood.

The classic awning and the gold sign makes it very much a Brooklyn bakery.  It’s a very small space, so when waiting in line you’re in close quarters with other customers. It adds to the friendly atmosphere and community, which of course cannot happen right now.

While there are no known plans to impact the site, gentrification is definitely a threat. More and more chains are taking over the neighborhood.

(added May 2020)


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