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Irish Hunger Memorial

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Memorial to the Great Irish Hunger (1845-1852)

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Battery Park City
Public Art, Social Movements, Gathering Place

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Paula Thomson

It is a special feeling to stand near the top of the memorial and look at the city close by, including the World Trade Center. The memorial is for the many Irish who died 1840s and 1850s at the hands of the British government. Many Irish who emigrated came to NYC, forming an important sector in our growing city.

There is the authentic stone cottage. The passage into the memorial used to play Irish music, don’t know if it was at all revived in the recent renovation. The plants are all native to Ireland.

An entry area has poetry and quotes on the walls, As you progress upward in a spiral shaped path, there is a stone cottage from Ireland and a garden, a quiet, contemplative place in Manhattan!

I don’t have a habit of going there, but will probably revisit when possible [after COVID-19]. It’s like an outdoor chapel.

(added April 2020)


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