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West Side Community Garden

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Hidden gem on the Upper West Side

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Upper West Side
Parks and Gardens, Gathering Place

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Susan Gutterman

WSCG is in the middle of the block, between West 89th and West 90th Streets, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues.

It is a small jewel, a "people’s garden," over forty years old, full of flowers and places to sit. It is open to the public. On 90th Street it also has a separate "allotment garden" in which members can have their own plots. At present the garden is locked. It is bursting with tulips in full bloom; they were to hold their annual Tulip Festival last weekend. The tulip festival is the garden’s most important activity every year.

I miss it this spring, when I, and I’m sure many others in the neighborhood, needed it as a source of peace & hope. I have just joined as a member today, as when I lost the ability to go there I realized for the first time how very much it means to me, The quality of life in the neighborhood would be badly diminished if it were to be gone forever.

I took it for granted, but am happy I’ve now become a member. When the garden is reopened, I look forward to sitting there with a cup of coffee & something to read, just enjoying whatever is blooming and the peaceful atmosphere. It’s also nice to watch groups of grade-school children having a learning experience there. Children in the garden always look happy.

(added April 2020)


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