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Steinway Mansion

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The Steinway Family’s summer home

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Steinway
Residential, Business and Industry, Office


Robert Singleton

The Steinway Family’s summer home. Here they not only created the modern piano (and 98% of concert and recording artists use Steinway) but also conceived of the Steinway community of model housing, help organize Long Island City, manage and control the transportation network of Queens and New York City’s subway network, and most significantly through Steinway Hall, not only brought classical music and music education to United States, but created a venue that helped catapult New York City as the intellectual and cultural center of the nation and the world. 

This place through its association with the Steinway Family, an immigrant family that made significant contributions to manufacturing, development, the arts, transpiration and cultural affairs. It is truly a ’Household of Genius’ and the ’Cradle of Creativity.’ 

The hope is that this community become a learning center, performance space, research center, exhibit space. museum for the community’s youth and the community, and as an international tourist destination (Steinway piano has a year long waiting list for tours at the factory two blocks away). However, the building is being used as an office for a local development company and its extensive lawn was removed for a number of warehouses placed within feet of its foundation. 

(added April 2020)


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