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Essex Market

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Newly reimagined indoor market

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower East Side
Market, Business and Industry, Shopping

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Written by Anne Wolff for Place Matters and Professor Gwynneth Malins Fall 2019 NYU Community and Public History Course

If you go to the south side corner of Delancey and Essex Streets and view the latest incarnation of the Essex Market, you might say to yourself “this is New York City’s oldest public market?” However, once you step into the glossy new building and read through their brief historical exhibit, you will appreciate the cultural heritage of the Essex Market and see that its legacy is strong. The new and vastly improved market opened in October 2019. The old market building, just north of Delancey Street and completely vacated in October, is currently standing vacant and slated for destruction, a reminder that New York City is an ever-evolving place. From Mayor LaGuardia’s victory in establishing the Essex Market in 1940 to its inclusion as a part of the controversial Seward Park...

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