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Big Pun Mural

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Graffiti mural commemorating Bronx-born Puerto Rican hip hop artist

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : Longwood
Public Art, Gathering Place

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Graffiti mural of Bronx-born Big Pun, the first Puerto Rican hip hop artist to go platinum. The mural was made by local aerosol artists, Tats Cru, who were also his friends. Each year on his birthday, they change the mural slightly.

At the corner of Rogers Place and Westchester Avenue in the Longwood section of the Bronx near the elevated train platform of the Intervale train station is a mural honoring the late hip hop MC Big Punisher (Big Pun). Bronx native Christopher Ríos took the name of Big Pun after being noticed for his MC abilities buy another local Bronx hip hop hero, Fat Joe. His first album, Capital Punishment was released in 1998 and went platinum within months. He was also the first Puerto Rican hip hop star to obtain commercial success and his popularity helped to bring recognition to the role of Puerto Ricans in the development...

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Nominated through the Mambo to Hip Hop Community Focus Project

Nicole Rodriguez

Ms. Nicole Rodriguez, sister of the late Christopher "Big Pun" Rios, embarks on a journey to fulfill the dream of herself and the fans of one of the greatest to touch the mic. Ms. Rodriguez is committed to having the name of Rogers Place near 163rd in the Bronx changed to her brother's name. Nicole shares that BIG PUN was a "True New Yorker" who loved where he was from, and loved his people. With all of the opportunities to leave his home town, he refused, and chose to stay close to his roots. Rogers Place and 163rd has become a place where locals and tourists come to pay homage and show respect to one of their beloved own. (February, 2011)

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