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Vogue Knights

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"Ballroom" club night featuring vogue and runway competitions

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : West Village
Commercial, Arts and Entertainment, Performance


Joseph Mendez

“Vogue Knights” is one of the few places you can go on a Monday night to get a taste of “Ballroom” and gay culture. The events take place in the nightclub Escuelita. Many people go there to do vogue, runway and many other different types of competitions. Beginning in the early 80s, “Ballroom” was a safe place for LGBT children to show off their talents and be in an environment where there was no judgment, especially if their families were not so accepting. I think it is extremely important for the LGBT youth of today to learn about “Ballroom” culture. Today, many people of the LGBT community still go to functions where they compete for trophies and sometimes even cash prizes. It’s an amazing space to show off your skills and creativity while having fun! 

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