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Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

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Long-standing community-based organization

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower East Side
Residential, Housing

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In 1960, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council (TBNC) published the Two Bridges Self-Renewal Plan. The document, developed over the course of five years, benefited from the input of hundreds of citizens as well as representatives of numerous neighborhood organizations and institutions. It was a unique and dramatic demonstration of how an organized, well-defined neighborhood, with support from a unifying agency, can mobilize and revitalize itself to meet its own needs. More than a proposal for affordable housing, the plan deliberately sought a comprehensive approach to community rehabilitation that encompassed housing, health care, improved race relations, education, recreation, and commerce. With coordination from Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, local citizens and institutions created a road map for redesigning, redeveloping, and improving their community while avoiding displacement, unnecessary hardship to residents, or drastic transformation of the neighborhood’s character.

The city accepted the Two Bridges Self-Renewal Plan in 1961. From that moment forward, the Council...

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