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Treasures in the Trash Museum

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A museum of salvaged trash

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Harlem

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Written by Ariel Rosenblum for Place Matters

From the exterior, the Sanitation Department garage in East Harlem looks exactly like any other city garage- its an unassuming large brick and cement warehouse with garbage trucks and bright orange snowplow blades lining the street all year round. Although there are no signs to identify it, the MANEAST 11 garage as it is called, is home to a very unique collection of objects salvaged from New York City trash. “The Treasures in the Trash Museum,” named by its creator Nelson Molina, is a treasure in itself, hidden on the second story of the East Harlem garage.

A row of offices, locker rooms, and gym equipment delineate the perimeter of the MANEAST 11 garage’s panoramic second floor, a space that now contains thousands of objects handpicked from the trash. Paintings, posters and signs hang from the ceiling and collage the walls; objects are...

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