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The Cube

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Astor Place sculpture by Bernard Rosenthal

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Village
Public Art, Arts and Entertainment, Gathering Place

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By Natalie DeYoung

The eight-foot-square steel sculpture painted solid black stands as the icon of Astor Place. This is astory of transformation, the story of how a work of art transformed the space, and the space transformed the work of art.

Welcome to the kernel of youth. An urgency of individuality, trendsetting, and experimentation has flavored Astor Place with a raw teen spirit for the last half century. Home to the beat generation of the fifties, the hippies of the sixties, and the punks of the late seventies and eighties, Astor Place has developed into a center of unleashed urban self-expression.

At the junction of Lafayette Avenue, Fourth Avenue, and Astor Place, a wide strip of sidewalk sits smack in the middle of the traffic interrupting everything. From any neighboring street you cant help but notice this pavement stage that awaits the meeting a rising generation. In the center of...

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