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Terraza 7

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Queens music venue and bar highlighting jazz and traditional Latin music

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Corona
Industrial, Arts and Entertainment, Latin/ Latino/ American, Performance

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Terraza 7 is a bar and music venue located at 40-19 Gleane Street, near the Elmhurst/Jackson Heights border. Owned and run by Colombian-born Freddy Castiblanco, Terraza 7 is a reflection of Castiblancos taste -- a veritable salon of Latin American folk and jazz. Opened on June 20, 2002, Terraza 7 hosts live music five nights a week, and features bands playing a range of sounds, from Afro-Peruvian, Afro-Colombian, and modern Latin jazz, to bolero to salsa to timba and jarocho. Part of Terraza 7s mission is to make people in the community feel more involved, and to incorporate the traditions of their homeland — "cultural memories," Castiblanco calls them — into their new city. The Tabalá Sextet, the Gaiteros de San Jacinto, and Diego Obregón are some of the traditional maestros whose music is heard there, and a long list of world-class jazz figures join in and jam out, all...

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