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Steam Room at the Vanderbilt YMCA

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Relaxation space at the Y

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Turtle Bay
Institution, Recreation, Healthcare & Wellness


Flash Rosenberg, Nominated during the Asian American Art Alliances Locating the Sacred Festival

The moist, hot, relaxing ease (and blissful humid sarcasm) of being in NYC in the summer, can be enjoyed all year round in this little, white-tiled steam room, frequently occupied by a diverse array of women of all ages and ethnicities. Its a place where I feel most connected to a vivid and basic feeling of being human. With a chance to breathe, be restored, and chat with anyone about anything. The steam room is a very clean, white tiled space with a double decker of tiled benches that can accommodate 5 women lying down, or more sitting up. (August 2012) 

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