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Spanish South Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Church

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Spanish-language church in Park Slope

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Park Slope
Latin/ Latino/ American, Place of Worship


Janimary Hernandez

Spanish South Brooklyn is a beautiful church. It is a place where people can find peace and hope. The congregation, which is made up mostly of Hispanic/Latino members, has been meeting in this building since 1964. Many members who have moved away to other states return at least once a year just to visit friends and "return home." This church is like a home to many of its members, including myself. It is a place where you are accepted no matter where youre from. Although it is a Spanish-speaking church, there are people who know a little bit of Spanish, and who speak mostly French or English. It is not just a place of worship, and its members are like family. Past members built the church and made it the wonderful place that it is. We do not want it to be destroyed in the future.

The beige building, which is about 5 or 6 floors, has one big window containing colored glass set in a beautiful design. When you enter the church you see a staircase on either side, both of which lead to the temple. On the third floor there is a room where parents and children can go to see and hear everything going on without their small childrens noises interrupting anyone. On the first level there is a kitchen where many meals are cooked for the congregation to share together. There are also classrooms where childrens Sabbath school is held. Children are very important in this church. (November 2012)

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