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Sesame Flyers International

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Multi-service non-profit organization, and mainstay of Brooklyns West Indian American Day Carnival

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : East Flastbush
Commercial, Folklife, Caribbean/ American, Education

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Labor Day morning is always a busy time at the Sesame Flyers’ Church Avenue headquarters. Starting around dawn, a small army of staff and volunteers set about organizing and distributing refreshments and fantastically feathered and sequined costumes to members of the Flyers’ West Indian American Day Carnival mas band. Even in the early hours, soca blares from exterior wall-mounted speakers, invigorating the upwards of 1000 band members, who, throughout the course of the morning, will fill not only the Sesame Flyers storefront, but the entire length of sidewalk outside before departing for the parade entrance along Eastern Parkway. Those waiting in the fresh morning air move to the music as they slowly migrate indoors, greeting crowds of friends and neighbors as they go. Once inside, paper plates are filled with porridge, salt fish, and bagels; hot coffee and cold water fortify paraders and spectators alike for the midday march to...

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[i] Ray Allen, “J’Ouvert! Steel Pan and Ole Mas Traditions in Brooklyn Carnival,” City Lore Magazine (2001), (Accessed February 7, 2016)

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