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Rockaway Beach

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Queens beachfront neighborhood

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Rockaway Park
Open Space, Recreation, Gathering Place


Anonymous Nominator

Rockaway Beach has been a big part of my life since I was born. Although my family was part of a beach club in Atlantic Beach since the 80s, Rockaway was always a place that we still visited. I also have many family members that live in both apartment buildings and homes right off the water. Over the years I have also become friends with many people in the community. Rockaway is where I have spent holidays with family since I was young, and even where I learned how to drive.

Last week, Hurricane Sandy ripped this community to shreds. The beach is gone, the boardwalk is all over the place and the homes of many, and the stores I have been in so many times over the years, have been destroyed. Rockaway is only about 10 minutes from my home, so the destruction of this area has truly impacted my life along with so many people I know who live there. Because of this devastation I think I have realized now more than ever that this beach and community truly have always played such a large role in not only my summers, but my life. The re-building of this community is not going to be easy, but I cant wait to see the area up and running again. The picture in my mind of the area is not of the destruction that Hurricane Sandy caused, but of the waves crashing in the distance while the sun shines down above the community and the boardwalk is full of bike riders and pedestrians enjoying the view. The ocean, sand, boardwalk, small stores, apartment buildings overlooking the water, the beautiful homes and small bungalows, Marine Parkway Bridge and Rockaway Bridge. (November, 2012)

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