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Owls Head Park

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Spacious and scenic park in Bay Ridge

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Bay Ridge
Parks and Gardens, Recreation, Play


Evelyn Alzamora

Owl’s Head Park is a beautiful place. People of all ages can go to this free space and enjoy nature. It is a place that welcomes families, including dogs. It has a big playground where kids can enjoy the outdoors, a skate ramp and fitness equipment. Owl’s Head Park is a huge park. It has many trees and a nice, colorful playground. Families can get together to enjoy a nice picnic or the beautiful view of the Verrazano Bridge from the pier. It is also open all year round. In winter, the kids love to go sledding and slide down a slippery hill. In the summer, kids can enjoy the water sprinklers. In the fall, kids enjoy stepping on the fallen leaves.

Owl’s Head Park not only brings families together but the community. People in the community with common interests can come together, whether it is their kids on the playground or just hanging out. This is a great place where children can go and run freely and exercise their gross motor skills. It is important for kids to spend time with their parents and this is a great place for children and parents to enjoy some quality time. They might even meet and learn from other kids their age. Overall, it is important to have a place that everyone can enjoy at no cost. It is a beautiful place where everyone is welcome and will have a great time.  

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