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Nicholas Roerich Museum

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Displays and promotes the artists work and philosophy

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Upper West Side
Residential, Arts and Entertainment, Historic Site & Museum


Anonymous Nominator

Housed in a beautiful brownstone on the Upper West Side, the museum shares the artwork and peaceful philosophy of Russian-born artist Nicholas Roerich. He believed you could attain peace by sharing culture and his stunning paintings bring you into a spiritual world unlike any other in Manhattan. Its an oasis in NYC. (August 2012)

Preston Lawrence Pittman

The mansion on West 107th Street just off Riverside Drive is a quiet place full of the amazing art work of Nicolas Roerich. It is a beautiful place to contemplate the art and to meditate. The paintings are mostly of a spiritual nature and include scenes of Tibet. The Museum also has lovely classical concerts from time to time. You might forget that you are in Manhattan. (August 2012)

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