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New Market Building (former)

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WPA-era Fulton Fish Market building

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower Manhattan
Industrial, Business and Industry, Food & Drink

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Written for Place Matters by Prithi Kanakamedala

Fulton Fish Market, formerly located at the Tin Building (completed 1907) and New Market Building (completed 1939) in Lower Manhattan, was a vibrant wholesale market until 2005 when the city relocated it to the Bronx. Today, several activist groups hope to preserve and restore the empty New Market Building to its former cultural importance, one that reflects New York’s peculiar economic and gastronomic history.


The New Market Building sits on the Manhattan shoreline of the East River. The Lenape, New York’s original residents, relied on Manahatta’s East River for fish, shellfish, oysters and its rich natural resources. The East River was also paramount to the Dutch and the English colonizers who, after displacing the Lenape and renaming the land New Amsterdam and New York respectively, used the land’s easy access to water to turn the colonial outpost into an economic epicenter of...

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Robert LaValva

On behalf of the New Amsterdam Market, I am pleased to nominate the Fulton Fish Market New Market Building to Place Matters. The New Market Building is New York Citys very last "Riverfront Market House" built in a vernacular tradition with both Dutch and English precedents and which first appeared on the East River shoreline in 1675. This is one of only two such market-houses still standing (the other being the adjacent Tin Building) and it is the only one to retain its original relationship to the river. With its compelling setting on the waterfront, the New Market Building and its forecourt create an iconic public space that should be preserved and revitalized as a destination for all New Yorkers and an engine for economic development. (July 2013)

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