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Marjorie Eliots Parlor Jazz

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Regular Sunday parlor jazz concert series

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Washington Heights
Residential, Arts and Entertainment, African/ American, Performance

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Every Sunday at 3:30pm, soft, sympathetic strains of piano begin to mingle with loudmouthed brasses, low-toned basses, and chipper clarinet vibratos. The chords, confident but courteous, flirt in the vestibule and linger at the threshold of apartment 3F. Drifting gently into the hallway, the melodies, rhymes, and rhythms, sometimes melancholy but oftentimes merry, float out through the window and dance high above the Harlem River. For the last 23 years, Marjorie Eliot has delighted audiences with these sonorous socials, better known as parlor jazz concerts, in her home at 555 Edgecombe Avenue.

Both Marjorie and 555 Edgecombe have impressive musical pedigrees. Marjorie comes from a long line of instrumentalists, and grew up in Philadelphia with two household pianos. “My great-grandmother played. We all played,” she says. “Where I come from, if people could play, they had pianos in their homes.” Marjorie began studying music before matriculating in primary school, so...

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