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Maple Lanes

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Classic bowling alley in Bensonhurst

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Bensonhurst
Commercial, Recreation, Play


Steven Pineiro

Maple Lanes has been a source of affordable family and friendly entertainment since the 1950s. At just under $10 for shoes and a game, a family fun day is always a possibility. This place matters because it has always been an important destination for activities in Brooklyn. Maple Lanes is the first bowling alley I consider. It also hosts birthday parties and holds several fundraising tournaments, leagues, special events and days allocated for the handicapped and the elderly. The physical details, as far as the architecture is concerned, isnt whats important. However, the fact that the bowling alley still exists is of utmost importance. Through its leagues, tournament programming and fundraising events, Maple Lanes upholds a strong sense of community for all participants. Whether you are a first-time bowler or a regular, Maple Lanes always has something to offer.

Since attending Maple Lanes as a child, I have always been aware of the leagues they held. I, myself, was not skilled enough to even enter the league, but it was always interesting to see the older players, even elderly players, walk into the alley to enjoy a leisurely game. Its a big game not only to those league players, but to several other people that attend the bowling alley in their leisure time. From children to elderly people, this place is important to the communities of Brooklyn, and it would be a shame to see this nostalgic bowling alley succumb to threats of demolition. Maple Lanes was recently sold to a developer, who plans to build a complex complete with a synagogue and underground parking. (November 2012)

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