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Kensington Library

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A quiet meeting ground in Kensington Village

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Kennsington
Institution, Education


Bushra Chaudhry

The Kensington library from the outside looks pretty old. It has paint scraping off the walls, uneven coats of paint, and just a mess of litter outside it. Even though the library looks old the physical details do not matter because people still go to the library. Many people spend hours of their week there. Sometimes people stay there till the last minute. You walk through the double doors and into the library. On the right there’s the front desk and on the left there’s the stairs to the top and to the basement. The inside of the library is clean and quiet; the bottom portion of the library (first thing you see when you walk in the library) is for high schoolers or for anyone who needs a quiet place. It is also the quietest spot in the library. When you climb the stairs up you start hearing a lot of noise. There, 5 children stand in front of the computer playing a game or watching someone play. They are talking very loudly amongst themselves. The librarian tries to calm them down but no one listens. The Kensington Library just recently moved to a new building that is bigger, cleaner, and most of all quiet all around.  

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