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Jim Powers Astor Place Mosaic Trail

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Permanent installation of the Mosaic Mans fanciful light poles

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Village
Public Art, Arts and Entertainment, Infrastructure

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By Steve Zeitlin

The full version of this article appeared in the Fall/Winter ?2016/2017 ?issue of VOICES: The Journal of New York Folklore

“The electric lights on city lampposts come on at night and go off during the day: thus they mark and regulate night and day,” writes folklorist Eric Miller. The red-yellow-green traffic lights likewise regulate traffic, telling one to go or to wait…. Jim Power’s mosaic work on lampposts features hundreds of colors! What messages might this send? Certainly not just stop or go! Perhaps it might signal one to pause and wonder, consider, meditate, admire the beauty of it, relax, and think, ‘I have arrived in the East Village.’”

69-year old Irish-born Jim Power grew up in Queens, served in Vietnam, and arrived in the East Village of Manhattan in 1981. Inspired by his work as a stone mason he got his start doing concrete and stone...

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