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Intermediate School 230

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Beloved Jackson Heights middle school

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Jackson Heights
Institution, Education

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Written by Nadia Habib

Intermediate School 230 plays a vital role in its surrounding community of Jackson Heights, Queens. The school is located within the second most crowded school district in New York City. Jackson Heights is home to a large number of immigrant families who rely on public institutions like I.S. 230. Due to overcrowding, the school is split between two buildings. The older structure, dedicated in 1998, is dedicated to middle school, specifically seventh and eighth grades. Enrollment was increasing so quickly that the school board petitioned to tear down a nearby mansion so as to build an addition, which was erected in 2013. The new building is a slightly smaller structure of four stories, as opposed to the original buildings five, and is now dedicated entirely to sixth graders. Not only does the school contribute to the fabric of the community physically, but more so, the school’s...

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Nadia Habib Nominated through Dr. Marta Gutmans Children and the City class, Spitzer School of Architecture, City College, New York, 2016

I attended I.S. 230 in eighth grade and instantly fell in love with the school. Overcrowded or not, I so appreciated the faculty’s deep faith in its students. And, that the teachers would go the extra mile to push their students to learn and perform above and beyond the city’s standards. When I attended, approximately 1,100 students were matriculated, even though maximum capacity was 700. The school’s policy of open admissions meant that all students living within the designated school zone could attend, despite fire hazard. The teachers at I.S. 230 certainly shaped me for the better. I was fortunate to experience love and respect from my teachers. Many of these same teachers still teach in the school today, and continue to inspire the students, and push them towards excellence.

One of my main goals is to commemorate what the place once was. Many of the students may never know what the buildings used to stand on and where they go to class every day. I think knowing that story will help create an even stronger sense of community, and help keep the community together. This school deserves recognition for the endless amount of effort given in educating immigrant children in one of the most crowded environments in New York City. Despite all these challenges and some setbacks, the school is doing well, and will continue to do so.

(May 2016)

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