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Bellacicco Bakery (former)

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Neighborhood Italian foods market

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Elmhurst
Market, Food & Drink

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Claire Goodwin

When I was ten years old, Bellaccicos, a delightful corner store, was still there. It was the place we loved to go to get those big dill pickles and those deliciously big stuffed green olives from the big barrels. The great Italian smells and foods hold a special place in my memories. The aroma of Italy, the taste of hard salami, and so much more stick in my memories from childhood. We would sit under the Long Island Railroad Bridge on Junction Boulevard, and slowly devour those treasures. I now live in Texas, and am writing a book that includes those memories. Only today I searched and found that Bellaccicos has been gone for many years. (January, 2011)

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