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Greenfield Chemist & Surgical

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Neighborhood pharmacy since 1977

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Flatlands
Business and Industry, Healthcare & Wellness


Andrew Charles

Greenfield Chemist & Surgical is an essential part of the community and has been over the years. Without it I probably would not be here typing about this place. It has provided medicine for me, my mother and nearly my entire neighborhood for over 30 years. This is impressive, as its one of the most long-standing businesses in the area.

It is a reliable source of medication both for generic and name brands, as well as for health consultations. The the place is small, it is helpful to many. I hope that there are no plans or threats to the pharmacy, as it is a place that is needed in the neighborhood. My mother and I have been customers of the pharmacy for close to 18 years. We go there for medications to deal with sicknesses and injuries. Years ago I had serious health complications due to my asthma and allergies to food, and the pharmacy helped us figure out what medications I needed as a child dealing with these issues. The pharmacy would always figure find a way to help me out and get me better. (November 2012) 

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