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Golden Jade Jewelry

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Long-standing Chinatown jewelry store

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Chinatown
Commercial, Business and Industry, Asian/ Pacific/ American, Shopping

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Written by Wing Yan Sang for Place Matters

Walking along Canal Street in Chinatown, you cannot help but notice the proliferation of jewelry stores lining the sidewalks between Broadway and Bowery. The stores become more concentrated as you proceed eastward, particularly on the northern side of the street. And if you were not paying close attention, the stores might seem almost indistinguishable from one another -- an endless line of display windows replete with arrays of gold and diamond jewelry, resplendently lit on faux velvet display trays and stands. But these businesses each have unique histories, and both individually and collectively, they also have significant relationships to the larger Chinatown community.

One business that has been a consistent presence on this stretch of jewelry stores for the past four decades is Golden Jade Jewelry, located at 189 Canal Street, near the northwest corner of Canal Street and Mott Street. The...

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Wing Yan Sang

At the forefront of the initial wave of jewelry businesses established by Chinese entrepreneurs in Chinatown in the 1970s. Also a long-time supporter and promoter of the local Chinatown community.

(September 2014)

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