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Di Fara Pizza

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Renowned family owned pizzeria and Brooklyn institution

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Midwood
Commercial, Business and Industry, Euro/ American, Food & Drink


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Di Fara Pizza is some of most famous pizza New York has to offer. Di Fara opened its doors in 1964 and today is still operated by owner/chef Domenico DeMarco. For nearly 40 years now, Di Fara Pizza has been serving New York City residents and its visitors and is know for bringing a larger number or people together.

The pizza there is to die for! The ingredients used are imported, and are baked in an old brick oven that has most likely been there since the restaurant opened its doors. A family business, the pizza is prepared only by DeMarco, and is closed for business in his absence. Di Fara Pizza has won consecutive awards for #1 hand made pizza in New York and has been featured in many established publications, such as the New York Times, Zagat, USA Today, New York Magazine and many more.

If I had to describe the exterior and interior of this restaurant on one word, I would have to say “retro.” The appearance of the pizzeria does not look like it has been changed. The sign outside, has faded many years ago, the interior is fairly small but cozy with greenish paint on the walls. If it ever were to change, I believe that New York City residents would definitely miss the warmth and a sense of memorable moments this restaurant has to offer. Not to mention one of a kind pizza. This is an important place to visit as a New Yorker or just a visitor. 

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