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Congregation Beth Elohim

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One of Brooklyns oldest synagogues, where the Old and the New Worlds meet

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Park Slope
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Also known as Garfield Temple, this was one of Brooklyn’s first synagogues, founded in 1848. At first sight, this building has a majestic appearance. One of the eye-catching details is the names of the twelve tribes of Judea found on the upper-outer side of the walls. One of the entrances has a door made of wood with iron details and the other one made out of steel. The big windows are made out of painted glass that seemed to be done in a Gothic style.

Congregation Beth Elohim has served since then as a center where Jewish people can meet and get together as a community. Many Jews that migrated from Europe and other parts of the world found Congregation Beth Elohim to be a place, which was the perfect setting for the mixture of the Old World with the American culture. This structure has seen so many changes and important historical events, which make anyone that goes by want to enter and explore a little bit of the past. In the present, this building still serves as a meeting area for mostly Jewish people. Congregation Beth Elohim also serves a school that runs almost the entire day and year round, providing numerous activities and after-school programs for young children. 

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