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Commodore Theater (site of)

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Lost Williamsburg movie theater

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Williamsburg
Public Hall, Arts and Entertainment


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The Commodore Theater was located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. It faced the J train from Broadway near the corner of Rodney Street, and it stretched half way down the Rodney and a quarter of the way on Broadway. When you entered the theater there was a concession stand, and stairs led to one of the theater rooms. According to the website Cinema Treasures, this theater had 1, 434 seats, and two screening rooms.

The theater was established in 1922, closed in July 2002, and was torn down in 2007. It was the place where the local community would come to enjoy the cinema classics of the time, not to mention the local schools that held their graduation ceremonies there. When I was younger the cinema was one of the few local places to hang out. The theater was the place where I remember going to watch many movies, but most importantly, it held my 6th grade graduation. I remember seeing all of the seating being occupied by people who came just to watch me and my fellow classmates receive our 6th grade diplomas. (October 2012)

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