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Christ Assembly Lutheran Church

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African Immigrant Ministry on Staten Island

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Borough : Staten Island
Neighborhood : Stapleton
Manufacturing, Folklife, African/ American, Place of Worship

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On Staten Island, 8,000 Liberians are among the most well-established African communities in the borough. Staten Island is also home to a diverse Sub-Saharan African population from Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. Reverend Phillip S. Saywrayne founded the Christ Assembly Lutheran Church/African Immigrant Ministry in 1996. Originally based at campus of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Castleton Corners, in 1999, Christ Assembly redeveloped a factory at 27 Hudson Street in Stapleton to assist Staten Island’s nearby West African communities. Under Reverend Saywrayne’s guidance, the community-based ministry provides outreach in the areas of education, traditional art presentations, citizenship classes, and fellowship with others. Today, the ministry claims a growing five hundred-person membership, and averages three hundred congregants in worship attendance. Although Liberians constitute a majority, the ministry embraces people on an interfaith and trans-national basis.

Reverend Phillip S. Saywrayne was born in Liberia and immigrated to the United States in...

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