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Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

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1920s pharmacy turned old-fashioned soda shop

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Carroll Gardens
Commercial, Arts and Entertainment, Food & Drink


Onessa Rotger

The Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is a small soda shop located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. There shop is very friendly and family oriented. There are several parks and homes surrounding the shop. The people within this particular neighborhood are quite welcoming and also very friendly.

The owners took this abandoned storefront and converted it into something quite magnificent. Originally, this corner storefront was a 1920s pharmacy. They kept a major part of the structure and just put in a few of their own personal touches. When you walk in, you see old wooden medicine draws and cabinets lined with old medicine bottles. The floor is adorned with brown, white, and black tiles. There are small tables, chairs and stools. When you reach the counter you see the bold colors of all the tasty treats. They pay tribute to some of the old history of the the pharmacy.

Though it may seem a bit silly, this place matters a lot to me. It is the place where I had my first Brooklyn egg cream, had one of my first dates with who is now my husband, and most of all it’s the place where I was able to share a precious moment with my mother. My mother grew up in the 1950s and taking her to this soda shop allowed her to relive some found memories of growing up. She became a kid again and was able to share stories with me, all the while with a big smile on her face. I plan to take my newborn there once he or she is born and exchanging my vows with my husband there. It is a very special place where people can gather to have a wonderful time and create great memories all while sharing a sundae. If it were up to me, Brooklyn Farmacy would stay open forever. 

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