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B&H Dairy Kosher Restaurant

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Long-standing vegetarian comfort food eatery

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : East Village
Commercial, Business and Industry, Food & Drink

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Fawzy Abdelwahed became a B&H devotee with his first sip of soup. “I eventually discovered the omelets and bialys,” he says with a blush, “but the first menu item I fell in love with was the vegetarian matzo ball.” Fawzy, who arrived from Port Said, Egypt in 1996, also became a New Yorker upon contact. “The day I got here, I decided to stay. I came for a better future, to start a new life,” he says. “For the American Dream. This is everybody’s dream—to be here.” Not only has Fawzy remained in the city for nearly 20 years, but his entire local professional life has been centered on the west side of Second Avenue, between East 7th Street and St. Marks Place.

With extensive experience in restaurant and cruise ship hospitality, Fawzy set roots in the block by first staffing, then owning, Cinderella Falafel at 129 Second Avenue, directly...

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Andy Reynolds

I love the food, but I come several times a week because I love the people. They always recognize you, and they know you by name. And it’s just like home cooking, you know? So many people can’t go home to their parents, so they come here. (July 2015)

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