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Atrium Stadium Cinemas

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A privately owned theater and local hangout

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Borough : Staten Island
Neighborhood : Eltingville
Arts and Entertainment, Gathering Place


Robert Weinan

The Atrium Stadium is a multiplex movie theater. It is privately owned, not part of a large chain. It has an old-timey feel, and makes the experience of walking into a theater a trip back in time. It is the major part of a mini mall containing a few different restaurants, an auto shop and a deli. This mini mall is one of two along Arthur Kill Road on Staten Island, a long road that is mostly surrounded by residential housing and wooded areas. This theatre is also a local hangout for many of the teenagers and twenty-somethings in the neighborhoods surrounding the theater. Atrium Stadium provides a safe place for teenagers to congregate, and keeps the kids off the streets by supplying the kids with movies to watch.  

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