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Abingdon Square Park

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West Village green space

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : West Village
Parks and Gardens, Gathering Place


Nominated during the Asian American Art Alliances Locating the Sacred Festival by Andrea Louie

On this day of remembrance, 9/11, I have my own private memory of my own sacred space: of being with my friend, Frankie, in the cool autumn twilight in Abingdon Square, West Village, on our last outing together. I had signed her out of the nursing home, and we sat on a park bench across the street, watching a multitude of dogs go by. "I love this light," she said.

I am honored to have my essay on this sacred space, "Reading to Frankie in a Sacred Space," in the American Public Medias blog, "On Being with Krista Tippett." (September 2012)

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