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555 Hudson Street

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Former residence of author and activist Jane Jacobs

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Greenwich Village
Residential, Social Movements, Euro/ American, Historic Site & Museum

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Written by Jeff Kasper

555 Hudson Street is the former residence of author and activist Jane Jacobs (May 1916-April 2006). Jacobs is most well known for her first groundbreaking book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961),which opposed the widely accepted urban planning practices of slum clearance and urban renewal. Jacobs is famous for her advocacy of community-based planning and organizing, and is praised for her successful opposition of Robert Moses’ plans to tear down parts of Greenwich Village to make room for the Lower Manhattan Expressway (LOMEX).

Jacobs referred to her residence on Hudson Street several times in Death and Life, most memorably when she described the “sidewalk ballet” and “eyes on the streets” in the three chapters, “The Uses of Sidewalks: safety,” “The Uses of Sidewalks: contact,” and “The Uses of Sidewalks: assimilating children.” Hudson Street was an important reference point for her urban observations. Jacobs...

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Jeff Kasper

Nominated through Dr. Marta Gutmans Gender & Architecture class, Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York, 2013.

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