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Bay Ridge United Methodist (Green) Church (site of)

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108-year-old stone church, now demolished

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Bay Ridge
Institution, Place of Worship

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Esme Elisson

The church is very beautiful and historical and adds to the character of Bay Ridge. Just visit the corner of Ovington Ave. and 4th in Bay Ridge. Just look a the rose window and the steeple. this beautiful sight will soon be gone forever. It is about to be demolished and grassroots efforcts to save it have failed so far. (May 2004)

Harry Matthews

It was a handsome stone structure, reminiscent of traditional country churches in England. The fact that the stone was green was unique, but the building has been demolished. The lot has been sold to a developer, who will build a luxury apartment building and a small sanctuary for the congregation.

It's a dramatic instance of the declining role of religion in American society. The church was built for a congregation of several hundred members. As the building aged and required more maintenance, the congregation shrank to a few score believers, none of substantial means. Unable to raise the funds needed to repair the structure, they opted to sell and demolish it to fund
their charitable activities.

Fourth Avenue is a much blander place without the green church. (February 2010)

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