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William F. Moore Park, or Spaghetti Park

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Park featuring bocce courts

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Corona
Parks and Gardens, Gathering Place

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William F. Moore Park is known as "Spaghetti Park" to its regulars--most of whom have Italian roots--and it is one of the best places in the city to play the game of bocce, which also originated in Italy.

The centerpiece of the park is a clay and sand bocce court where players from all over the city gather in the evening to play the game, rolling wooden balls over the gravel. Remarkably, this court is one of the few outdoor bocce courts in the city with lights. These lights are, according to the park's users, no small part of the park's success as a city-wide bocce hotspot and community gathering place. According to Tony Caminiti, the park's renaissance followed the renovation of the park in 1979, when the strings of lights were installed. Prior to the renovation, the park was home to vandals and drug addicts. Now, local business owners...

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Ilana Harlow

This small triangle park named in memory of a World War I veteran is known locally as "Spaghetti Park," where Italian American men play cards and bocce late into the night, and locals watch while enjoying Italian ices from nearby Lemon Ice King of Corona.

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