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Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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Striking church run by the Redemptorist Fathers

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Sunset Park
Institution, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Place of Worship

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Beth Higgins

A long standing community church. Has a school attached to it and offers mass in just about every language you can think of. Absolutely gorgeous architecture on top of one of NYC's highest spots. It's perched amongst a thriving neighborhood, serving a multi ethnic community.

While walking along a busy 5th Ave. of mostly 3-story buildings, 99 cent stores, a plethora of ethinc foods from around the world, its startling presence is beathtaking! It's magnificent, and it looks like it was transported from Italy by aliens, and not the immigrant kind! What changed in my 3 years living there is the addition of an absolutely heinous LCD display giving times and languages of masses! It's also unfortunately barricaded with gates. You can only enter it during mass hours.

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(Feb. 2005)

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