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Venus Mural

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Public art that has graced prison facade since 1970

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Chelsea
Public Art, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Arts and Entertainment, Gathering Place

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Knox Martin, the artist


U Holm

"Venus", a ten story high mural painting by renowned New York artist Knox Martin ( on the south side of Bayview Women's Correctional Facility has graced the New York Skyline since the early 1970's and is a worldwide known iconic statement for city-art and humanity.

This mural is on the women's correctional facility in Chelsea and is a positive sign that dark places can still be artful, creative and positive. It is a long standing iconic reminder that every woman is like VENUS. It can be seen from the Westside Highway, from ships on the Hudson and from as far as NJ. It should be "Landmarked".

It is a positive addition to the skyline of Manhattan and stands for the celebration of women. (Nov., 2007)

Gabriela Ryan

Since 1970, the Venus Mural by Knox Martin has stood 10 stories high, commissioned by Doris Freedman of CityWalls. It is a place of beauty transforming an otherwise grim place, a women's prison.

Murals in NYC City are not protected, have no landmark status, are vanishing. This rare beautiful mural is a sight to see. You can even see it from New Jersey. And it is great Art!

The Mural was originally located in a stark location---Chelsea---which has since become an art mecca, since this mural changed it!

And how exciting to drive by (West Side Highway)and have this Mural appear, what a deightful sight!

A condo tower is being built on the vacant parking lot adjacent which will block the mural from view----except for some residents of the condo tower. (Sept. 2007)

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