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Vanessa's Dumplings

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Popular Beijing-style restaurant

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Chinatown
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Vanessa Weng came to New York City in 1985 from Beijing. Her family lived in Brooklyn so she settled there. In 1999 along with a business partner she decided to open a restaurant in Chinatown. Vanessa had never owned a business before but they noticed that Chinatown only had Cantonese-style dumplings and so they thought a Beijing-style restaurant could fill a void; and besides, she loved dumplings—which are a staple in the wheat-based cuisine of northwest China. New York City also had many restaurants offering Cantonese, Shanghai, Hunan, and Sichuan cuisine but not much in the way of Mandarin cuisine.

When they decided to open the restaurant there was nothing on this block on Eldridge Street except factories—no restaurants, delis, 99 cents shops—nothing. People wondered why they opened it on Eldridge Street since this was not the traditional heart of Chinatown like Canal Street. Business was at first slow, so...

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Hanna Griff

Delicious, quick and cheap. I love the vegetarian dumplings, scallion pancake sandwiches, and also those with tuna or beef. (May 2011)

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