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Barney Greengrass

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One of the last Jewish delis, known for its smoked fish

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Upper West Side
Commercial, Great Places to Shop, Food & Drink

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Barney Greengrass


Dana DuGan

THE STURGEON KING for nearly 100 years, with a patient though eager brunch line every weekend, and the best proper NY breakfast anywhere. Worth it for the lox, onion, eggs scramble, bagels, sable on bialy, grumpy waiters and hi tech free atmoshpohere.

It's been mentioned in stories, reviews, movies and books. Its a classic. Sometimes I cry when I go there, I love it so much.

The physical aspects of this place matter greatly. The only way to the slightly shabby dining room with formica tables is through the deli and fish section, where sometimes tables are set up so that you're eating amongst the packages of crackers and matzoh and watching the counter help at work. Priceless and authentic. (Oct. 2007)

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