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Travers Park

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Park in Jackson Heights

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Borough : Queens
Neighborhood : Jackson Heights
Parks and Gardens, Play

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NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation


Aleyandra Buiz

Travers Park is a place that matters because it's a public open space to which many people from surrounding the communities of East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights visit. It's a place where people of all ages go to exercise, meet friends, get fresh air and relax. It's the one place in the neighborhood where everybody can go and feel free.

The physical features of the park are also very important. It's what makes it unique and different from others. Travers Park has an open space which only has a baseball diamond and two basketball hoops, if that space were to be filled it would take away from what the park is: A space where one is free to do whatever without the need for park equipment. (Submitted before 2004)

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