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The Point Community Development Corporation

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A cultural center in the South Bronx

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Borough : Bronx
Neighborhood : Hunts Point
Institution, Gathering Place

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The Point CDC is a community-based organization that uses the arts to organize for comprehensive revitalization, and social and economic justice in its local area.

The Point Community Development Corporation was founded in 1994 by Bronx residents Maria Torres, Paul Lipson, Steven Sapp, and Mildred Ruiz. All had worked at a local settlement house, Seneca House, where they gained an appreciation for applying the arts to youth work and community development. With their new endeavor, The Point's founders hoped to stimulate culture and enterprise in the Bronx in collaboration with local artists and entrepreneurs. The population in the surrounding Hunts Point and nearby neighborhoods had suffered greatly in the "urban crisis" years of the 1960s through 1980s (bad times lasted longer in the South Bronx than in other parts of the city), and the foursome planned to use the arts to revitalize and rebuild their local community. Rather than just...

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Interview with Paul Lipson by Elena Martinez for Place Matters, 2004 and organizational flyers.

[Posted, 2004]

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Nominated through the Mambo to Hip Hop Community Focus project.

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