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The Pickle Guys

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The last pickle store on Essex Street

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Lower East Side
Commercial, Food & Drink

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Alan Kaufman owns the Pickle Guys, one of the last pickle stores on the Lower East Side. Pickled cucumbers achieved great popularity in many parts of Europe and the Middle East, but arguably nowhere more than among eastern European Jews, who ate them with black bread and later potatoes as the bulk of their diet (from Olive Trees and Honey by Rabbi Gil Marks 2004) Since 1910, the neighborhood was seen numerous pickle stores come and go, but according to the New York Food Museum, pickling was a booming business in the early 1900s. Over 200 pickle shops have opened their doors, and customers' noses, for decades. Kaufman's former employer, Guss' Pickles, left Essex Street in 2002. The Pickle Guys are just down the block from the old store. Now only a handful remain in the environs, and the Pickle Guys can claim the distinction of being the last of...

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Hanna Griff

Nice guys, delicious pickles and olives. The pickled pineapple is amazing! (May 2011)

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