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The Marion Building

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Former home of the Harlem Community Art Center

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Harlem
Institution, Education

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The Marion Building occupies a noteworthy position in African American cultural and artistic heritage in Harlem and New York City. The building, which was occupied by the Harlem Community Art Center (HCAC) from 1937 to 1939, provides an important, extant link to the Harlem Renaissance.

The Marion Building reflects the Harlem building boom that was brought about by the opening of the subway. The three-story, brick and terra cotta structure was built in 1904, and today it retains many of its Beaux Arts style elements, including rustication, lintels with scrolled keystones and shields, and an ornate frieze and cornice. During the 1930s, most of the businesses along the 125th Street corridor were owned and managed by whites, and they mainly served the white community, despite the large African American population in the area. The HCAC was thus a pioneering organization, as it was established for, and dedicated to, serving the...

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Benika Morokuma

The most striking fact about this building is that it served for the Harlem Community Art Center (HCAC) from 1937-1939. The HCAC was specifically created for the arts and crafts education of the African American residents in Harlem, and was sponsored by the WPA. Many notable individuals were involved with the HCAC, including artist Jacob Lawrence.

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