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The Cage (West 4th St. Courts)

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Basketball court preferred by players and spectators

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : Greenwich Village
Open Space, Gathering Place

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This basketball court, in a park at the corner of West 4th Street and 6th Avenue, in the heart of Greenwich Village, draws basketball lovers from around the city, and even around the world. They come to a court just half regulation size that is literally encaged by a 20-foot high chain-link fence both to play ball and to watch some of the best street basketball in the world, let alone New York City. "The Cage," as the court is known, hosts the West 4th Summer League, the oldest summer-basketball program in New York City.

The Cage is one of New York City’s most popular spots for street basketball. In a city that all but invented basketball as a street sport, this is no minor achievement. The Cage is widely known for generating NBA stars and hosting celebrity pick-up games. In recent years, it has become a backdrop to soda...

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Anonymous Nominator

Although the Cage does not have many features which command the loyal and consistent following of basketball players that it receives, younger players come to the Cage to learn and be mentored by the "old-timers."

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