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Historic waterfront factory building

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Borough : Manhattan
Neighborhood : West Village
Industrial, What New Yorkers Find Beautiful, Business and Industry, Manufacturing

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Frances Siegel

This morning (Nov 15th) I looked out my window to see that one of the two smokestacks I know and have loved was being demolished. They're made of brick in hues of ochre, creamy yellow, pale red, rust, a myriad of warm tones and contrasting touches of deepest black. These bricks weren't randomly placed. There are distinct geometries, clear patterns that begin to emerge the longer you look - some dramatic, others quite subtle. The smokestacks are like large cylindrical pointilist paintings. Their simplicity, elegance and utilitarian purpose makes them seem even more majestic, in contrast to the more recent construction and "renovations" that have taken place all around them. Thank goodness I included them in a painting I made 30 years ago of my 10th-story panoramic view, and preserved their memory! I hope and believe that the most beautiful of these two structures will remain in place. It doesn't seem to be in the area of any of the new construction that's been planned for our block. (November 2006)

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