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Sunnys Bar (formerly Johns Bar)

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A neighborhood anchor along the Red Hook waterfront

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Borough : Brooklyn
Neighborhood : Red Hook
Commercial, Play

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Some of the best words are untranslatable. In German, fernweh means the yearning for a place one has never been. Literally a “farsickness” or “aching for distance places,” it is the antonym of heimweh, “a great longing for the distant home or a loved one living there, with whom one felt secure.” We experience these seemingly opposing impulses sometimes separately, other times simultaneously; when overlapped, we are compelled to unplug and go far away so that we can feel at home--in our own lives--once again.

By most accounts, this condition finds its cure at Sunnys Bar in Red Hook. Crossing the threshold from Conover Street into the pub, and realizing that you’ve reached the edge of the world, the seeker becomes still. After sipping a beer and soaking in strains of blues from the back room, the restless inevitably find repose. Wanderlust and homesickness take their cues to head back...

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